IVC MyCashCard
and Direct Deposit

Your Campus. Your Funds. Your Way.

A fast and convenient way to get your Financial Aid or Refund.



You may choose to receive your financial aid credit balance or other refunds from IVC in your personal bank account or on the IVC MyCashCard. Click on Enroll Today above to begin the process.
If you choose not to enroll, a check will be mailed to your current mailing address as listed in WebSTAR.

Meet the IVC MyCashCard

The IVC MyCashCard is a fast and convenient way to receive your money. Verification of identity through the USA Patriot Act is not required. All students, including undocumented (AB540) students will be eligible for the card.

Features include:

  • Free1 Account with no minimum or monthly fees.
  • The account can be reloaded by the school, friends, family — even your employer*.
  • Convenient ATM access through 50,000 Allpoint ATMs.
  • Can be used everywhere MasterCard® is accepted.
  • Account includes checks that can be cashed for free at any Walmart™ location.
  • Funds are FDIC insured.

Benefits include:

  • Delivers fast and secure access to your financial aid balance or refund. You don’t have to worry about losing a check or waiting around for the funds to be transferred electronically to your bank account. 
  • No overdraft fees, minimum or monthly fees.
  • The Allpoint® Network is the largest network of surcharge-free ATMs in the U.S., more than the two largest U.S. banks combined, meaning access to your cash when you need it without unnecessary fees.

Enrollment Steps:

  1. Go to www.enroll.moneynetworkedu.com
  2. When asked, enter in your Student ID, Date of Birth, and your school email address. You're required to use your @students.imperial.edu e-mail address
  3. Follow the rest of the directions listed on that site.
Students and parents can learn more about the card’s features and benefits by visiting: http://mycampusfunds.com/imperial/

Managing Your Account:

After receiving your card, you may access your IVC MyCashCard account by visiting www.moneynetworkedu.com. This is a great way to manage your account and alerts.


Money Network has announced a new Loyalty and Rewards Program! Through this program, Cardholders can earn cash back on everyday purchases made with their Money Network® Account. The program has over 16,000 participating national, regional, local and online retailers across a wide breadth of categories, with new retailers being constantly added. There is no fee to participate in this program.

HOW IT WORKS (see www.moneynetwork.com/loyaltyedu):

  • Cardholders must register to participate in the Cash Back program on the Money Network website.
  • Cardholders uses their Campus Card to make purchases at participating retailers where MasterCard is accepted.
  • Once the cardholders cash back amount reaches the minimum threshold of $25, the amount will be automatically transferred into the cardholder’s Money Network Account.

If you’d like to try out the program, just complete the following steps to register:

  1. Log into your Account at www.moneynetworkedu.com.  Go to  My Account > My Preferences
  2. Check the box under Opt-In that says “Sign me up so I can get offers and cash back rewards”
  3. Click Save. Your enrollment in the Loyalty Program will be processed in 3 days

After 3 days, when you log into moneynetworkedu.com again, you will be able to view the list of participating retailers and begin earning rewards. Under Services, click on “Rewards and Offers” and that will redirect you to continue to the Loyalty site.

Click here to find the nearest surcharge-free ATM in your area. 

1For other card activity, fees may apply.
*Only upgraded cards may be reloaded with funds. Upgrading is free. Requires one-time verification of your identity.